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Parent/Grandparent Sponsorship Program Finally Opens

Published: Jan 15, 2019

 We have been getting teasers from Immigration for the last few months about the Parent/Grandparent Sponsorship Program. In the last few years the program has typically opened the first business day in January. This year instead of the program being opened, there was a notice at the beginning of January on Twitter saying that the program would not open for a few weeks. On January 11, 2019 we learned that the program opens at noon Eastern Standard Time on January 28, 2019.

As anticipated, the adult sponsor in Canada, whether a permanent resident or citizen, will go online and fill out an "Interest to Sponsor" form. Please note that Immigration is asking that the sponsor provide a digital copy of the sponsor's proof of status in Canada when filing the Interest to Sponsor form. The first 20,000 sponsors who sign up will be given an invitation to sponsor their parents (if they otherwise meet the eligibility requirements). The sponsors and parents/grandparents will then be given only 60 days to fill out and file a complete application.

You often only have one chance to succeed when making an immigration application. We believe at Eisenberg & Young LLP that it is still possible to successfully apply for citizenship, temporary worker and permanent resident status in Canada. We continue to strongly recommend, given the complexity of the present and ever-changing immigration system, that you do not apply without first obtaining professional help.

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