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Minimum Pass Mark Needed Under the Express Entry System

Published: Aug 28, 2018

When applying as an economic category permanent resident, most people have to apply through the Express Entry system. The Immigration authorities go into the pool of candidates who have filed a "profile" through the Express Entry system from time to time. When pulling candidates out of the Express Entry system for applications under the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Worker class, it appears that these draws are done about twice per month. Draws done under the Federal Skilled Trades and Provincial Nominee categories, though, are drawn far less frequently. There appear to be only two draws per year under the Federal Skilled Trades Category.


The minimum "pass" mark under the Express Entry system floats. This is one of the major problems with the Express Entry system. It is hard to predict whether or not an application will be accepted.


Looking at the minimum points necessary to be pulled from the pool over the last year or so, though, we can draw some conclusions. Since the beginning of May, 2017 the minimum pass mark needed for an Invitation to Apply to be granted under the Federal Skilled Trade category has been 199 points to 288 points.


In the last year (August 1, 2017 to now) the minimum pass mark under the Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Class has bounced between 433 points and 458 points. For the most part, the minimum pass mark has been in the 440s. The last time the minimum pass mark for a Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker application was under 430 points was May 31, 2017. For a short time in the spring of 2017 the minimum pass mark bounced around in the 413 to 423 point range.


In 2015, the first year that the Express Entry system was in place, over 50% of all people who filed applications after being given an Invitation to Apply had their applications rejected. The rejection rate is still high. As applicants only have 60 days between the time their Invitation to Apply is granted and the time they have to file a complete application, they often do not have all their necessary documentation in hand. They also often cause problems by filing documents that contradict the information uploaded into their initial "profile".


We believe at Eisenberg & Young LLP that it is still possible to successfully apply for citizenship, temporary worker and permanent resident status in Canada despite these changes. We strongly recommend, given the complexity of the present and ever-changing immigration system, that you do not apply without first obtaining professional help with the application.

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