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All Travel In and Out of Canada is Now Being Recorded

Published: Dec 20, 2018

Starting now, the Government of Canada will be keeping track of all entries and exits by air or land. Up until December, 2018, Canada was only collecting biographic entry information on travelers entering the country, but had no reliable way of knowing when and where they left Canada. Starting in December 2018, though, the Canada Border Services Agency has the authority to collect basic biographical information on all travelers, entering or exiting Canada by land and air. Although Canada does not directly monitor who leaves Canada through the land border, the United States and Canada shall be exchanging information about everyone who has entered the other country.

No longer will there be any ambiguity as to when a person left Canada. Even the movements of Canadian citizens are being monitored in this way. This could have important ramifications for people who are collecting government benefits that depend on Canadian residence to qualify.

More information about this change can be found in Bill C-21, an Act to amend the Customs Act.

We believe at Eisenberg & Young LLP that it is still possible to successfully apply for citizenship, temporary worker and permanent resident status in Canada despite these changes. We strongly recommend, given the complexity of the present and ever-changing immigration system, that you do not apply without first obtaining professional help with the application.

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